Pickles’ Pawsome Splash: A Dive into Dog-Friendly Villas in France with Private Pools

In the land of fine wine and gourmet cheese, there’s a special place for pooches who appreciate the ‘ruff’ life of luxury. Enter Pickles, the globe-trotting pup with a nose for comfort and a tail that wags for the high life. His latest escapade? Exploring the crème de la crème of “dog-friendly villas in France with private pool” — a splashing sojourn that would make any four-legged friend leap for joy.

Le Chic Retreat: A Dog’s Day in France

Our tale begins with Pickles’ paws touching down on French soil, ready for a “holiday in France with dog.” The mission? To sniff out the most luxurious “dog-friendly cottage France” offers. And oh la la, did we find them! From the sun-kissed Provence to the glamorous Côte d’Azur, each villa promised a sanctuary where Pickles could paddle in privacy.

Provence: Lavender and Leashes

In the heart of Provence, nestled among rolling lavender fields, our first stop was a “dog-friendly holidays France” dream. The villa — a “dog-friendly villa France” haven — was a stone’s throw away from endless trails perfect for morning walks, with the sweet scent of lavender lifting Pickles’ spirits (and providing the perfect backdrop for his Instagram snaps).

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A Bordeaux to Bark About

Our adventures next led us to Bordeaux, where the “dog holidays France” scene was paired with vineyard views and a private pool for Pickles to practice his doggy paddle. Each “dog-friendly holiday in France” seemed to outdo the last, with local vintners even offering Pickles a bowl of water as we sipped the region’s finest.

Canine Côte d’Azur

But it was the Côte d’Azur that truly had Pickles howling with delight. Our “holiday with dog France” found us in a sleek “dog-friendly villa in France” with a pool that glittered under the Mediterranean sun. Here, the “holidays with dogs in France” mantra was all about seaside glamour and paddle-worthy pools — and Pickles became quite the furry beachgoer!

The Joie de Vivre of Dog-Friendly France Holidays

Throughout our stay, the essence of “dog-friendly holidays in France” was ever-present. Each villa we visited wasn’t just pet-tolerant — they were pet-enthused! “Dog-friendly cottages in France” came equipped with all the canine essentials: comfy dog beds, secure gardens for those zoomies, and of course, that all-important private pool for a refreshing splash after a sunny day of exploration.

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Pickles’ Paw of Approval

From “dog-friendly holidays in France” to “dog-friendly villas in France,” Pickles gave his paw of approval at every turn. Whether lounging by the pool or frolicking in the countryside, every moment was a treat. And for those pondering a “holiday in France with dog,” take it from Pickles — it’s a resounding yes!

As for us humans? The serenity of sipping a glass of Chablis by the poolside, knowing Pickles was in a slice of doggy paradise, was the cherry on top of an already perfect vacation. So, when it’s time to plan your next “dog-friendly France holidays,” remember the joy that awaits both you and your furry best friend in the land of elegance and ease.

With a bark and a splash, Pickles has shown that France isn’t just a destination for lovers and gourmands; it’s a pup’s playground, rich with experiences that cater to both ends of the leash.


In the search for the best “dog friendly cottages in France,” Pickles has not only found a host of heavenly holiday homes but also carved out a special place in the heart of French villa life. It’s a place where every dog can have its day, every day. Here’s to many a pet friendly holiday in France with pools to plunge into and memories to make — à la Pickles!

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The Wife’s Writeup

Ah, France! A land where the wine flows as freely as the rivers and the bread is as fresh as the countryside air. But what really makes France the crème de la crème of holiday destinations? For Pickles and me, it’s the pawsitively splendid selection of dog-friendly villas, each with a sparkling swimming pool just waiting to welcome weary travelers and their furry companions.

We decided to head out to see what dog friendly cottages that south west france has to offer. There’s definitely some decent dog friendly accommodation out there. In France holiday cottages are usually readily available and comfortable. And there are many dog friendly beaches too!

Pickles Takes on the Pools of Provence

Our journey begins in the heart of Provence, where the lavender fields are as endless as Pickles’ energy. Here, the dog-friendly villa France scene is as ripe as the region’s famous grapes, and finding a chien-approved chalet with a pool is like unearthing a vintage bottle of Burgundy—utterly delightful and unquestionably French.

The villa we stumbled upon was a dream. Dubbed “Le Pool Pawlais,” it promised dog-friendly holiday homes in France with a twist: a pool where Pickles could practice his doggy paddle alongside my less impressive human version. This wasn’t just any dog-friendly cottage France had to offer; this was a slice of paradise where every splash echoed with joie de vivre. The local dog friendly bars certainly helped.

A Tail-Wagging Tour Through the Pet Friendly Loire Valley

Our next stop was the Loire Valley, a treasure trove of history where chateaux dot the landscape like pearls on a necklace. Here, the dog-friendly cottages in France are as majestic as the castles themselves. Pickles, a self-proclaimed ‘Sir Barksalot,’ found himself right at home, surveying his kingdom from the comfort of our villa’s cool, crystalline waters.

The Loire wasn’t just a holiday; it was a holiday in France with dog, where Pickles’ royal decree was a daily swim in our private pool. Each morning, as the sun painted the vineyards with light, we’d begin our day with a plunge, feeling like the lords and ladies of dog-friendly leisure.

Canine Capers on the Côte d’Azur

Seeking more sun, we set our compass south to the glittering Côte d’Azur. Famous for its azure waters and chic clientele, it’s also a hotspot for holidays with dogs in France. Our villa here, “Le Chic Shack,” was a modern marvel where Pickles could indulge in his favorite pastime: judging the yachts from his floatie in our private pool.

A dog-friendly France holiday in the French Riviera? Mais oui! With Pickles as my VIP (Very Important Pup), we mingled with the jet-setters and their jet-setting pets, all the while enjoying the seclusion that only a dog-friendly holiday France could offer.

Rural Retreats and Pyrenean Peaks

Not to be outdone, the French countryside beckoned us with open arms and wagging tails. The rural villas, like our cozy nest “La Maison du Mutts,” offered serene escapes where the only sounds were Pickles’ contented sighs and the gentle lapping of pool water against stone.

Our dog holidays France experience was heightened by the raw beauty of the Pyrenees, where every hike promised new scents for Pickles and breathtaking views for me. And what better way to end a mountain day than a swim in a pool that reflected the peaks like a mirror?

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In Conclusion: Pickles’ Seal of Approval

From Provence to Paris and every quaint village in between, Pickles and I discovered that a holiday with dog France is more than just a trip—it’s an immersion into a culture that celebrates life with every sip, every bite, and every splash. The dog-friendly villas in France aren’t just places to stay; they’re experiences that stay with you, like Pickles’ happy barks echoing across sunlit waters.

So if you’re pondering a dog-friendly holiday with a private heated pool, think of Pickles, your trusty canine guide, who’s sniffed out the best spots for both relaxation, finest wine and doggy decadence. Remember your animal health certificate before you head to your holiday rentals. After all, isn’t every vacation better with a dash of dog? I’ll let Pickles’ tail answer that—it hasn’t stopped wagging since we set paw on French soil for our family holiday.

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